The Climate Impact of British Banks - A Study by MotherTree

MotherTree, an organisation dedicated to assessing the environmental impact of financial institutions, has recently published a revealing study on the carbon emissions of major UK banks. This study is particularly significant as it highlights the direct correlation between our banking choices and their impact on the environment.

Summary of Findings

The study by MotherTree presents a 'Bank League Table' which ranks major UK banks based on the carbon emissions generated by an average amount of £10,000 held in a current account. A startling revelation from the study is that £12,500 held in a Barclays current account contributes to 2.9 tonnes of CO2 per year. To put this into perspective, this is equivalent to flying from the UK to Rome and back 14 times.

MotherTree's ongoing assessment aims to enlighten the public about greener banking choices. They also offer a free 'Money Carbon Calculator' to help individuals calculate the carbon footprint of their savings and connect with environmentally friendly banks and pension providers.

The Cycle of Fossil Fuel Investment

The study sheds light on how traditional banking inadvertently supports fossil fuel development. When individuals open accounts with banks that invest in fossil fuels, their money endorses these investments. This cycle contributes significantly to carbon emissions, edging us closer to an uninhabitable world. MotherTree suggests that by shifting our finances away from such banks, we can collectively influence their investment strategies away from high-polluting industries like oil and gas.

Moving Towards Green Banking

MotherTree is not just about highlighting problems; they are actively offering solutions. They are host a free webinars to guide individuals on how to make greener financial choices. This initiative is part of their broader effort to provide the public with practical tips for environmentally conscious living.

If you want to see the carbon footprint of your bank(s) then visit MotherTree.

Embracing a Greener Future: Chefs Ian and Henry Cook Up a Storm with Robert Llewellyn

A Culinary Revolution in the Making

We absolutely love this entertaining and fascinating video!  Culinary maestros Ian and Henry from BOSH!, alongside eco-conscious celebrity Robert Llewellyn, are stirring the pot in the best way possible. They're championing a plant-based revolution, one delicious dish at a time. This isn't just cooking; it's a movement for a healthier planet.

Plant-Based: More Than a Trend

The dynamic duo, Ian and Henry, kick off with a vital distinction: veganism and plant-based diets might share a table, but their motivations sit in different chairs. Veganism is anchored in animal rights, while plant-based diets often sprout from health concerns. Both, however, are united in their quest to turn the tide against animal product consumption.

A Toast to the Environment

Our intrepid trio don't shy away from the meat of the matter – the environmental impact of our diets. They serve up a startling statistic: meat-eaters are responsible for about 10 kg of CO2 emissions per day, compared to a mere 2.5 kg for vegans. That's not just food for thought; it's a call to action. They delve into the nitty-gritty of energy and land use, painting a picture of a world where plant-based diets could significantly lighten our ecological footprint.

In the Kitchen: Where Magic Happens

Here's where Ian and Henry truly shine. They're not just chefs; they're alchemists, transforming humble plant-based ingredients into culinary gold. Their repertoire? A shepherd's pie with a twist of sweet potato, a robust mixed bean chili, and a keema that sings with Indian spices. Each dish is a testament to the richness and adaptability of plant-based cooking.

Waste Not, Want Not

The chefs turn their attention to a crucial aspect of sustainable cooking – reducing food waste. They dish out sage advice: plan your meals, love your leftovers, and turn those veggie scraps into a stock that packs a punch. It's not just about cooking; it's about cooking smart.

Protein: The Plant-Based Plot Thickens

Ian and Henry tackle the protein puzzle head-on. They debunk the myth that plant-based diets skimp on protein, showcasing how beans, legumes, and sweet potatoes can muscle up any meal.

The Price is Right: Plant-Based on a Budget

The video also peels back the layers on cost. Plant-based meals, it turns out, are kinder to your wallet than their meaty counterparts. This isn't just a diet for the well-heeled; it's a feast for the masses.

The Final Verdict: A Taste Test with Robert

The climax of the video is a taste test with Robert Llewellyn. It's a moment of truth, and the verdict? Plant-based cooking isn't just about saving the planet; it's a culinary adventure in its own right.

Wrapping Up: A Recipe for Change

In conclusion, Ian, Henry, and Robert aren't just cooking – they're rewriting the recipe for a sustainable future. Their video is more than a cooking guide; it's a manifesto for change, blending practical tips with a deep understanding of our environmental challenges.

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