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Northants Carbon Literacy is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities in Northamptonshire with essential knowledge and skills to reduce their carbon footprint and foster a sustainable future.


Empowering people through knowledge


Cllr. Emily Fedorowycz

Founder, Carbon Literacy Northants

About Northants Carbon Literacy

In an era where three-quarters of British adults are concerned about climate change, many find themselves lacking the tools to effectively address this global crisis. From the UK's record-breaking hot months to Europe's raging wildfires and local challenges like school closures due to heat, barbeque bans at Wicksteed Park, and recurrent flooding issues, the impact of climate change is increasingly evident in our daily lives. These issues are compounded by the cost-of-living crisis, NHS challenges, infrastructural shortcomings, and social care deficiencies. However, it's important to remember that our climate interconnects with all these aspects, influencing and being influenced by each.

Back in 2020, I came across a transformative course that reshaped my perspective on the climate crisis. This course, created by The Carbon Literacy Project, not only provides a space for learning and reflection but also guides us towards impactful next steps. This initiative has grown to become a global movement, with over 75,000 individuals across 25 countries gaining essential knowledge about climate change and its mitigation.

At Northants Carbon Literacy, we share the belief in the power of accessible education. Our courses, facilitated by passionate volunteers, are currently offered at a modest fee of £25, covering venue hire and accreditation. However, we aim to make these courses free with the right funding, furthering our commitment to accessible education and empowerment.

Our course spans three evenings, totalling about 7.5 hours, where attendees delve into the intricacies of climate change, culminating in action-based pledges. Participants commit to one individual action and one group action post-training, fostering a hands-on approach to combating climate change.

For businesses and organisations, our course is an invaluable opportunity to equip your team with the knowledge to reduce CO2 emissions and gain an accredited certificate, often leading to cost savings. This training is more than an educational experience; it's a step towards a sustainable and conscious future.

Join us in our mission to spread carbon literacy and empower our community to take meaningful action against climate change.

Northants Carbon Literacy

Northants Carbon Literacy is committed to spreading awareness and knowledge about carbon reduction strategies. Our goal is to empower communities and individuals to make sustainable choices for a better future.


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Sense House
Hogarth Drive
Barton Seagrave
NN15 5UQ

01536 234388

Electoral Commission Imprint: Promoted by D.Dell on behalf of Northamptonshire Green Party c/o 38 Waverley Rd, Kettering, NN15 6NT

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